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A Bit Private

Sabrina Rowan Hamilton

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Drawn from a period of uncertainty Sabrina Rowan Hamilton’s paintings both 

quantify and dissimilate our sense of home. Floating geometric forms and 

benevolent versions of Bacon’s cages offer fleeting security, the viewer must 

settle with the strangely reassuring yet shifting compositions. However, unlike 

Bacon’s, they are profoundly non-violent works, as a Buddhist, they are rooted in 

the belief of being able to transform ones environment through purification of the 


Through the act of painting she attempts to make sense of the uncertain times 

we live in; to find a safe place to be in an unsafe world. She is also heavily 

influenced by the art philosophy of Joseph Beuys; his humanism, and his belief 

in the potential for social and spiritual transformation through art works.

Sabrina undertook her first two years of training in Japan, from 85-87, going on 

to gain her degree at City and Guilds, followed by an MA there eight years later. 

She has exhibited all over the world from London and Los Angeles, to Hong 

Kong. Despite her extensive training, for Sabrina painting is a natural and 

instinctive act; an act of translation. She often continues to work on canvasses on 

and off for years and will have many paintings on the go simultaneously.

Her paintings are more than the sum of their parts; they are reflections and 

refractions of home. The finished canvasses are not themselves an end point or 

conclusion but the transition of meaning captured in paint. They are an open 

narrative and a meditation on the acceptance of uncertainty.