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Christophe Von Hohenberg

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Christophe von Hohenberg is a portrait and lifestyle photographer. American Vogue discovered Von

Hohenberg. The Museum of Modern Art recognized his talented work with two showings of his


Throughtout his productive career photographing celebrities, he has worked with magazines including

American Vogue, Interview, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, German Vogue, German Rolling Stone, New

York Times Magazine, French Vogue, Hampton's Magazine, and others. Von Hohenberg has established

his place in the art world, as a portrait photographer, with his unique gift for capturing the inner essence

of individuals in distinguished and elegant ways. His portraits have been displayed at The Grey Art

Gallery in New York, Art and Interior in Berlin and Valentina Moncada in Rome. In addition, Von

Hohenberg is actively engaged in shooting advertising campaigns for major companies.

Christophe von Hohenberg's book on Andy Warhol was published in 2006. His recent shows have been in

The Goss Gallery in Dallas, Texas, 2006; The Rudolf Budja Gallery in Salzburg, Austria, 2007; The

America House Cultural Center in Munich, Germany, 2007; and at Affirmation Arts in New York City,


This internationally known photographer spent his early years in the West Indies and Europe. He studied

art, philosophy and history in Germany, France and Spain. Von Hohenberg graduated from Schiller

University in Paris. Christophe divides his time between New York City, the Hamptons and the West