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Emilie Pugh

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Emilie Pugh was born in 1988 currently lives and works in London but is shortly moving to Berlin to

take on a six month residency at Aterlierhaus Mengerseile. She studied at Byam Shaw School of Art and

at The Ruskin School of Fine Art and Drawing at Oxford University graduating in 2010. Emilie works in

a variety of mediums but predominantly in drawing.

Emilie’s work begins as an introspective journey - a mapping of an internal mindscape; tracing contours,

following pathways, and feeling her way around an unfolding thought or sensation. She consciously

combines both alternative and traditional methods of mark making; her recent work is a delicate fusion of

burnt marks and intricate ink drawing applied to several layers of semi-translucent Gampi paper. This

new method of working creates an illusion of depth, of oscillating movement, and in turn imbues her

images with an inchoate sensibility. In doing this, she is further exploring work that attempts to escape

the temporal constraints of a page, and that continually challenges the anchored present moment.


2013-2014 Aterlierhaus Mengerzeile, Berlin

2009 ‘Draw International’ Caylus, France

Past Exhibitions

2012-Group show, ‘Sustainability’ The Botanical Gardens, Oxford

2011-‘The Other Art Fair’, The Bargehouse, SE1, London

2010-Degree Show, Osney Mead, Oxford

2010-Solo Show, St Johns College Dolphin Gallery, Oxford

2010-Group Show, Ruskin School of Fine Art Department, Oxford

2010-Collaborative Show with Kelly Dixon, St Johns Dolphin Gallery, Oxford

2009-Solo Show, St Johns College Dolphin Gallery, Oxford

2009-Group Show, Ruskin And Goldsmiths, ‘Art Thou Maid’, Osney Mead, Oxford

2009-Group Show, Radciff Science Library

2009-Group show, Oxford University Press, Oxford

2009-Group show ‘Warp and the Weft’, Botanical Gardens, Oxford

2009-‘Morph’, North Wall Gallery, Oxford

2008-Prelim Ruskin Group show, Ruskin School of Art, Oxford

2008-‘Young Artists’ Guggleton Gallery, Stalbridge

2008-‘Box Ladder’, Ruskin Group Show, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford

2007-Byam Shaw School of Art Group show, London

“At any given moment there are countless thoughts within each and every one of us that intersect,

overlap, influence and distort one another. If we think about how we are thinking then we are

aware of this process but we are unable to say what is going on and why. Everything that we

experience adds to the complexity of our inner sea and to the world that is always the process of

our making.”