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Disco volante Adam

Barker Mill

Adam Barker Mill

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Kirsty Macleod

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il·lu·mi·na·tion (-lm-nshn)

a. The act of illuminating.

b. The state of being illuminated

"The future of art is light" Henri Matisse

Coldharbour London’s inaugural show ILLUMINATION will be opening on June 16th 2011, and promises to

be a visual extravaganza executed in light. Curated by Aretha Campbell ILLUMINATION brings together the

work of both emerging and established contemporary artists - Adam Barker Mill, Lawrence Lek, Luke

Montgomery, Molly Smyth and Kirstie Macleod.

Since the beginning of the last century, artificial light has increasingly illuminated even more streets, shop

windows, billboard signs and houses in an unprecedented abundance and form. We reside in cities and gardens

of light. Observed from airplanes and satellites, the night-time Earth glows like a cluster of stars. Light works

become artificial stars that change the visible world.

The pulsing visual vortex which is Adam Barker Mill’s, Disco Volante, morphs from neon pink to acid green

and fizzing orange, through every in-between shade and ice-cream pastel conceivable. As in the confinement

chamber, the notion of real space soon becomes redundant, as the light surrounds you and enters your very

being. There’s no certain here or now…you emerge from your bubble dazed and blurry-eyed - into a brave

new world.

This large installation contrasts beautifully to Kirsty Macleod’s delicate light boxes which encompass and

substantiate the shimmering spectrum of artificial light. In contrast Lawrence Lek’s intricately carved Wings

which loom out of the darkness manipulating shadows and simultaneously our senses.