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PV: 6:30-9:30 | 12th February 2014

Exhibition Runs: 13th February - 9th March 2014

Opening Times: Monday to Sunday 10:30-6:30

Cock 'n' Bull Gallery, 32 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3LX

This February, Aretha Campbell Fine Art is proud to present light artist Rupert’s Newman’s third solo

show, at the Cock 'n' Bull Gallery, located in Mark Hix’s TRAMSHED.

Following on from Newman’s acclaimed show at The Hospital Club, this exhibition of site -specific work

draws together a collection of original gouache paintings, hand finished prints, and a series of multi-sensory

light installations which aim to mesmerise the viewer by tricking the eye with rhythmic illusions.

Curated by Aretha Campbell, this show aims to fully engage people in the moment, with captivating light

effects and specially commissioned sound design by composer Sarah Warne. Newman's colourful dynamic

compositions achieve rhythm and movement by juxtaposing complementary colours and overlapping

crystalline shapes in a logical, balanced composition. Technology has allowed him to add a completely new

layer to the mix - light. With scientific nous and innovative projection mapping techniques the prismatic

structure and colour dynamism in each piece is transformed, enabling him to take the viewer on an immersive

abstract journey into the metaphysical and unknown

Newman graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010 with a master’s degree in printed textile design and

has since put his skills to use in three main formats: two-dimensional artworks, printed textiles and projection

mapping. His work combines the influences of The Russian Rayonist Movement and the Suprematists (c.

1910-1920). With modern technology he enhances their vision by transposing his art onto, and within old

(and new) buildings. These are usually bespoke events and turn an otherwise normal building into a sensation.

Newman's work has taken him to a variety of venues and clients including; Battersea Power Station,

Chequers, Warner Music, The Photographers' Gallery, Dom Perignon, The Royal Society of Arts, Oxjam,

Glass Magazine, J. Crew, Georgio Armani, Rebecca Taylor and GAP. His work has been published in Sarah

Braddock's Digital Vision (Thames & Hudson), Martin Drawber's New Fashion Print (Batsford), and Simon

Clarke's Textile Design (Laurence King).

Sarah Warne is a Film and Arts composer represented by Faber Music Ltd. Her work combines lyricism with

technical innovation, drawing influences from her classical training and studies in Electroacoustic techniques.

Warne’s recent clients include Tate Gallery, EMI, National Geographic, BT Group, Kopparberg, and Ford.

Her music has been performed at The Roundhouse and The Barbican and heard at Film Festivals including

Cannes, Paris and Edinburgh.

For further information please contact or call 07815894391