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Sam Pelly

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Sam Pelly has been working as a photographer since finishing his studies at the London

College of Printing in 2000. In that time he has worked extensively, photographing for a

diverse range of clients. From his documentary coverage of James Blunt’s sell-out tour of

America, to Royal weddings, architectural commissions in the Middle East, to the children

with leukaemia in Russia, his passion, flair and love for his work never fails to shine through.

Pelly is a regular portrait photographer for The Telegraph magazine and his work has

featured in numerous publications including Life magazine, Vogue & Tatler.

However it is for his personal projects that this young photographer is gaining much

recognition and acclaim.

Further to his highly successful solo show ‘Broken Hearts’ in 2005, the photos on display

in the study are from Into the Quiet, his second solo show. These hauntingly beautiful

photographs explorie the mysterious world of the forest and his passion for treesThis body

of work characterises the internally epic proportions and mystery that the artist feels, when

alone and still, surrounded by the unrivalled beauty and immensity of nature and her trees.

"Like the human portraits I capture, trees have a character all of their own. They are

solitary or weak, strong or proud. They entwine and mingle or stand alone. Trees are the

subconscious of the landscape, they hold ideas as to how we might rescue our lives."

All the images are shot using a large format camera and polaroid film. Pelly then uses a

chemical technique, stumbled across by accident, while processing the polaroids negatives.

This new technique gives an old appearance which also enhances the wonderful, ethereal

and epic quality of this body of work.