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Vanessa Garwood

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Born in Israel in 1982, Vanessa Garwood trained for three years in Florence at Charles Cecil Studios;

learning the traditional approaches to fine art drawing, painting and sculpture. In 2005 she exhibited at

the National Portrait Gallery BP award, where she won the visitors choice award. Primarily a portrait

painter, in 2009 Vanessa was given an apprenticeship with the acclaimed South African bronze Sculptor

Dylan Lewis. Vanessa has previously exhibited at the Cosa Gallery and the Talisman Gallery in London.

Vanessa Garwood's work is an exemplar of the traditional renaissance painting techniques in the hands of

a fresh, emerging artist. The Other Side of Green will be Vanessa's first solo show of her dynamic

figurative and landscape paintings, drawings and sculptures inspired by her time in South Africa.

This exhibition, like Darwin's natural selection, has evolved from rhythmic line drawings to highly

expressive oil paintings, through a diverse and vibrant palette.

Inspired by Paula Rego's belief that "the pictures are open; the meanings have to be able to move about",

Garwood combines the female nude within her landscapes almost as if a suggestion. These landscapes are

painted as though relics of a literal and personal search for answers, which she has sought.

She believes "this leads to an understanding of how subjective my paintings are and how they encapsulate

more than a view - but how I saw myself there and what I hoped the new environment and surroundings

could give me."

Influenced by artists from Sergeant, to Goya and at times Schiele, Garwood's paintings consider the

human desire to seek an environment, which is most conducive to our needs to settle in and how this is

often strongly linked with nature and our connection to it as a species.